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Deck Jets & Lighting

Deck Jets - Add visual movement and elegance to your pool with Fox Deck Jets. Installing Deck jets creates a water arch style that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Aside from aesthetics, jets naturally create an additional noise barrier to the outside sounds, for a more peaceful pool experience. Deck Jets can be customized to fit  desired height and angles.

Lighting - Choose from standard white lighting to colored LED lights that are bright and add overall attractive aesthetic to any pool at night.

Fox is proud to offer reliable and innovative vinyl replacement lights with the Spa Electrics Retro R10, Argon 3", and compatible LVX Series Transformer.  The Retro R10 light offers replacement lighting that won’t damage a vinyl liner, and provides energy efficiency and brightness that lasts. The Argon 3" Vinyl Series is designed to endure harsh weather conditions with strong and durable materials, providing advanced illumination and functionality. Compatible LVX Series Transformers simplify installation and supply quality, long-lasting power to underwater lighting systems.

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