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Vinyl Liners: How Do YOU Choose?

Your Customer’s dream Fox pool is underway, and it’s now time to choose a liner. After all of the other decisions they’ve had to make up to this point, this may seem like a daunting task for some. With a variety of pattern and color options, they may be stuck making the decision “what is the best liner for our pool?” That’s where you come in!

Choosing customizable features such as a vinyl pattern, should feel engaging, exclusive, and FUN (we’re talking building dream pools here after all!) A vinyl liner is a long term investment, and not only should the style of the liner reflect the Homeowner’s personal aesthetic and vision, it needs to provide the longevity and durability they expect. Check out some of our favorite tips for helping your Customers make a confident decision on their new vinyl liner:

Above All: Tile

Quite literally, the ‘tile’ on the vinyl liner patterns sits above the waterline and will be something most pool visitors notice first. When browsing Fox Pool Vinyl Liners, you’ll be able to see there are different tile patterns to satisfy a range of style preferences. When speaking with a Customer, consider pointing out that some tiles such as Ancient Seas, North Shore, or Blue Lancashire have a more structured, geometric appeal to them. As a repeating pattern, this will appear uniform and add a sophisticated elegance against the free-flowing water in the pool. In contrast, tiles with more curvature and less geometric rigidity such as Mosaic Wave, Island Wave, and Siesta Wave provide more organic movement for the eye when viewing the tile in or out of the pool. There is even our Stacked Stone tile that provides an illusion of stone wall in the water (without the cost of installation or hassle of maintenance!) for a more natural approach.

For those that decide a ‘separation’ between tile and floor is not for them, there are full cover prints such as Sea Glass or Speckle Step Soleil options that beautifully cover the entire floor bottom and walls. These unique patterns in particular were designed to enhance the blue appearance of pool water, with gold highlights to be caught by the sunlight for a glimmering effect.

Seaglass all over pattern

NEW FOR 2023!

Graphite is a unique all-over pattern offered by Fox for those seeking a dramatic, dark and sleek look to their pool. A popular emerging trend, the darker floor creates the illusion of endless depth with a less visible floor bottom when standing outside the pool, much like that of a natural body of water.

Darker liners also tend to absorb more heat from the sun, naturally heating the pool and saving customers on energy costs.

Aside from window shopping what catches their eye, also have your Customers consider what will complement other elements in their existing deck/patio design if applicable. Their pool will now become the centerpiece of their backyard escape and should feel consistent with other design elements in the surrounding landscape.


Covering the majority of the pool is the floor color, which will visually dominate how your pool appears amongst the rest of the backyard. As water reflects the sky, this has a certain effect on the way different colors and shades of colors appear to the eye. While neutral floors such as tans and grays provide a more natural vibe to the pool (like stepping into a shallow sandy ocean), the shades of blue are often what most homeowners seek and should choose based on the vibrancy and tone they envision.

A light blue floor much like that of our Oyster Bay, will portray an overall lighter hue in the water. These will not pick up heat from the sun as much, but will be less susceptible to fading quickly over time.

Dark blues like Blue Beach Pebble floor will give the pool a sense of depth and luxury as the rich blue color blends to create a darker effect. Darker vinyl will also attract the sun to more efficiently heat the pool, potentially helping customers save money on electric as they won’t need to heat their pools as often. Darker vinyl does tend to fade more over time as opposed to lighter vinyl, so maintenance and upkeep is imperative to prolonging the lifetime of darker varieties.

Vivid blues are most popular for first time pool owners, and are a happy medium between the light and dark versions. These floors, like that of our White Diffusion or Brilliant Blue Bahama make the pool appear bright and vibrant, despite the amount of natural light. This type of blue typically provides a noticeable contrast from the surrounding landscape, and may help heat the pool without fading as quickly as darker floors.

Considering what a Homeowner may be intending the pool’s use to be may help in making the decision for overall color. Looking to step into what feels like a tropical paradise? Neutral tones may be best to create the sandy beach/natural body of water effect. Recreational play zone to swim, dive, and make memories with friends and family? Lighter blue may be beneficial for better visibility when swimming and for water games. Does your backyard demand a sophisticated, luxurious pool with a sense of drama for hosting parties and casual lounging? Dark is the way to go. Maybe the pool is the statement piece of the backyard, and should be the main focal point for attention; then vivid blue it is!

Remember, helping guide the conversation with these tips may lead customers to an easier decision. However, no matter what liner they choose they can’t go wrong with a Fox Pool liner and the benefits it provides outside the realm of style. Read on to learn more.

WHY Fox Pool Vinyl?

To start, Fox liners are made in-house in our Vinyl Liner Shop. With handcrafted precision, our Vinyl Team cuts and forms virgin vinyl to meet the exact size specifications of any pool. We offer liner varieties in 20, 27, or 28 mil thickness. Cleaning, swimming & lounging are comfortable and hassle-free as all liners are smooth and easy to maintain, unlike the abrasive nature of concrete or tile. Each liner has ultraviolet inhibitors and antibacterial agents to help ensure a long-lasting life, and is backed by a 25-year limited warranty. Fox Liners are not only for new pools, but can be custom made to fit existing inground pools as well.

The future of vinyl pools has never looked so (stylish) and bright! Start the conversation with your Customers today with our 2023 Vinyl Liner Brochure (US or Canada versions) both available in print or digital download, or a vinyl liner sample hanger. For print and hanger orders, please contact Click below for all currently available 2023 patterns. We can’t wait to see all of the beautiful new vinyl-lined pools this season!