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Fox Pool Systems

Our inground pools are backed by reliable support structures to maintain the integrity of your pool’s foundation for the lifetime of your home. Fox’s patented X-Brace construction system and Foxgard coating make our materials structurally sound and protected; everything you expect from a professional pool build.

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Lifetime Protection with Foxgard

For superior strength, Fox takes an extra step when it comes to manufacturing pools. Each piece of 12-gauge pre-galvanized steel is completely encapsulated, front and back, with a special powder coating. This coating is fusion-bonded to the steel at 400 degrees to seal it and lock out rust & corrosion.

Lifetime Protection with Foxgard

Self-Supporting Structure with X-Brace

We utilize some of the same technology used in building bridges, tall buildings, water towers, and other structures that require durability & strength against high stress. Your swimming pool holds thousands of gallons of water while holding back thousands pounds of earth. In order for your pool to maintain its structural integrity, the walls need to remain intact regardless of external forces, and our X-Brace provides the extra support.

Self-Supporting Structure with X-Brace

The X-Brace at Work

Our patented X-Brace structure provides 100% support or your pool walls and pool deck without concern for internal and external pressures. Perfected over the years, the Time Tested Engineering principle has been authenticated in an exclusive Engineering Report, prepared by an independent engineering firm, proving the Fox X-Brace support is as we claim. For more information, speak with your Fox Dealer for a copy of the Report.

1. FOXITE Coping 2. Vinyl Liner 3. Wall Panel FOXGARD Protected 
4. 3/8’’ Steel Rods. 5. Concrete 6. Settled Backfill 
7. Steel X-BRACE. 8. Thermal Barrier 9. Walkway
  • Pool panels are supported every 2ft by welded-on Z Bar stiffeners
  • The X-Braces are bolted to panels using heavy-duty corrosion resistant bolts.
  • Steel rods and “S” hooks anchor the X-Braces and the pool wall to the ground
  •  A concrete footer or is poured around the perimeter of the pool, creating a permanent foundation.
  • Pool can be back-filled with or without water.
  • Reinforcing rod is added to connect the top of the X-Braces to the deck structure.
  • The concrete deck encapsulates the X-Braces and reinforcing rod to form a unitary structure.
  • Backfill settles over time, forming a thermal barrier between the deck and the ground to protect against frost upheaval