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Fox Construction Process

Your design has been finalized, your location is set and ready to go, and financing is in order… now what? It’s time to start digging and building your dream pool!

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Building a Foundation Fit for an Oasis

We transition your landscape from ‘plain’ to ‘paradise’ over a series of weeks. As with all construction, it may not be the most appealing process, but the beautiful new pool/spa system that will be the end result is sure to make a few weeks-worth of digging, 100% worth it. Check out our organized process that is followed in all Fox Pool builds to see how we change your yard right in front of your eyes!



The pool is excavated according to the dig drawings. A 3ft section is excavated outside the wall area to facilitate the wall assembly, X-Braces™, plumbing, and concrete footer.

Wall Assembly

Wall Assembly

The pool walls are assembled on the perimeter. The X-Braces™ are attached every 4ft, plumbing roughed in, and the footer is poured.  At this time Fox Stairs, Buddy Seats®, Swim-Outs, and all integral parts of your Fox pool wall system are added.



Backfilling can be poured if desired, but is not necessary as the X-Braces™ are designed to support the pool walls independently, even when filled with water. In most cases, your Fox dealer will backfill your pool walls and pour the deck, prior to finishing the bottom and installing the liner.

Concrete Decking

Concrete Decking

Steel reinforcing rods are added throughout the perimeter of the pool attached to the X-Braces™, to form the foundation for your pool deck. Concrete is poured into forms and finished to your specifications. 

Finishing touches

Step 5: Finishing the Bottom

Your Fox Dealer will finish the pool bottom with a mixture of concrete and sand or vermiculite. This material is applied approximately 1.5 to 2 inches thick over the bottom and is troweled smooth by hand.

Step 6: Installing the Liner

As soon as the bottom is finished, the Fox liner is spread across the pool and dropped into place. The top edge of the liner hooks neatly into the Foxite II coping while the remainder is drawn tight around the pool sides and bottom with a vacuum. Once a foot or so of water is in the pool, your Fox Dealer attaches the fittings and cuts away the excess liner material from around the stairs.

Step 7: Enjoy your new pool!

Once water has been delivered and your pool is full, your Dealer will test all of the components, add sanitizers as necessary, and review their operations with you.


I'm ready to start my dream pool! How do I connect with a Fox Pool Dealer?

Click here to find a Fox Pool Dealer nearest you.

How do I contact customer service?

You can contact Customer Service a few different ways:

• Click here to fill out our Fox Pool US or Fox Pool Canada contact forms and get connected with one of our Customer Service Representatives

• Give us a call at 1 (800)-723-1011 [US] or 1 (905)-333-1654 [CANADA]

What is the process of building a pool?

The process of starting your dream pool may be even easier than you think!

The first step- Contact your local Dealer by finding them on our Dealer Locator. Or, fill out our Contact form for Fox Pool US/Canada to request a quote, and we will put you in touch with a Dealer nearest you.

Your Dealer will then reach out to you by the phone number/email you provide, and begin the conversation. Your Dealer will be responsible for visiting your home to survey landscape, determine your products/accurate quote information, help with HOA/financing questions, and more.

What are the different standard shapes and sizes of your pools?

Fox can create almost any shape and size pool that you can imagine. For standard Fox Pool shapes and their available sizes, please click here.