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Creating Dream Pools is Our Business

At Fox Pool we build dream pools that last the test of time.

Our goal is to leave a backyard looking brand new and transforming it into a complete oasis. Durability, safety, and longevity of our products are at the forefront of the entire process, from production to finished dream pool. With over 65 years of expertise in the industry, we exceed expectations at every turn and deliver an uncompromising experience with every new build.

The search for the best pool experience begins and ends with Fox. Our extensive product line of pool and spa offerings can be customized to fit any lifestyle, design need, or landscape requirement. There are even options like our Ultimate Pools, that offer the flexibility of inground, above ground, or semi-inground builds if it is more conducive to the landscape. Once a pool design is decided, the yard has been surveyed and permits applied for, all features and add-ons have been established, and financing is in order, the time to start digging begins.

With full transparency, adding in a new pool can get a bit messy. Understanding the Fox Pool building process and keeping in mind that the yard will not appear this way forever (short term pain for long term gain!) helps set the expectation before the build starts. With years of memory-making in store and a higher property value waiting just around the corner, a few weeks of dirt will seem much more tolerable.

At a glance, the process is quite simple. We begin by digging out the pool’s shape, outlining its perimeter with treated steel wall panels and our X-Brace™ reinforcement system- measured to fit the pool’s exact dimensions.

The walls are then backfilled and concrete is poured over additional reinforcements to form the pool deck.

Lastly, a concrete mixer is applied to the bottom of your pool and a Fox liner is installed, fitting snugly against the sides and bottom. Additional features such as slides, basketball games, waterfalls, and more will complete the install if desired to turn it into a full- fledged backyard escape. For a detailed overview of the Fox building process, click below to explore our page.

Fox Pool pool build in action

Fox Pools are constructed to the highest quality standards to ensure reliability to last the lifetime of your home, and safety that families depend on.

Becoming a ‘household name’ over 65 years across the US and Canada, our reputation speaks for itself. From meeting with a Dealer to standing in the backyard admiring a gorgeous new pool, Fox is there for homeowners every step of the way (and for years after that, too!) If you or someone you know is in the market for a dream pool, now’s the time to contact us.

To learn more about Fox pool shapes, our product lines, connecting with a Dealer, the building process and more, please: