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Steel Wall Systems

All Fox Pool steel pool walls are Foxgard powder-coated to ensure extra strength and durability during construction, and throughout the lifetime of the pool.

BOXWALL PANELS: The Fox Boxwall panel, a rigid steel panel, allows for straightforward assembly of rectangular inground pools.

FREEFORM PANELS: The Fox Freeform panel utilizes both the strength and flexibility of steel to allow for total freedom of design on any size or shape of pool.

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FOXGARD Panels, Corner Panels, Light Panels, and Stiffencers, and X-Braces available

FOXGARD 48" Panels & X-Braces Available (for customers seeking the deeper shallow end)

FOXGARD Boxwall Panels, Corner Angles, and X-Braces available (Rectangular shapes only; Standard Fox Panel height, Screw-down Coping required)

FOXGARD 48" Boxwall Panels available

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*Please note, all products shown in photos may not be currently available. For all available products, please refer to your Fox Price Book, connect with a Dealer, or speak with a Fox Pool Customer Service Representative. To view our catalog of replacement parts, please click here. Contact Customer Service at 1-800-723-1011 to order.

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