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Ultimate Pools by Fox

The ultimate pool by fox is the versatile option for customers that desire customization.

If you’ve been wondering how you can build more pools and give your Customers the customization they need for unique landscapes, Fox Ultimate Pools are the ideal answer. With an easy installation process, durable and reliable parts produced by Fox Pool, and short lead times on materials, Ultimates are the pools you (and your Customers) didn’t know you needed.

Whatever the landscape requires or your Customer’s dream idea consists of, the Ultimate Pool provides versatility. The Ultimate Pool comes in 3 standard shapes: Grecian, Round, and Oval, with a variety of size options to fit any space. Whether inground, above ground, or semi-inground, all pool walls and buttress supports are made with galvanized steel and state-of-the-art epoxy powder coating to provide long-lasting protection from corrosion and are backed by a limited lifetime warranty. 

The Ultimate Pool comes with some optional add-ons that can upgrade the experience and tailor to your Customer’s needs. Two sturdy and reliable top rail options are available: aluminum bendable bullnose and synthetic wood top rails; both are available for above ground, semi-inground, or inground installations. Walk-In stairs are available for an easy and beautiful way to enter and exit the pool. Microbrite LED Lighting, Batton Board Siding Kits, additional Vinyl Liner patterns, and filtration systems are also offered to complete the Ultimate Pool.


Limitless installation possibilities are here with a Fox Ultimate Pool. Whether professionally installed or provided as a Kit for a Customer-DIY approach, all necessary manuals, materials, and training will be provided for a successful build. Pool building season doesn’t have to end with Ultimates as an option. If you’re ready to build more pools, we’re ready to help you do it. Fox Pool Dealer Territory is available; please submit a form to become a Fox Pool Dealer, or contact us for more information.