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Pool Covers & Fox Umbrella

365 Auto Safety Cover & Vinyl Lined Pool System- First and foremost, the 365 System is SAFE, meeting the highest safety standard ASTM 1346, and supports over 450 pounds. Additionally, the Non-Skid Flush Lid protects swimmers’ feet. With design in mind and durability at the core, the Ultra Strong Vinyl is integrated with high density denier core and UV Protection for color retention. The coated vinyl cover includes thermal retention and chemical resistant webbing. Both are designed and engineered to work together as a complete unit for accurate installation and years of trouble-free use.

ClearDeck® Systems - With the ClearDeck® Inground Solar Blanket Roller, covering and uncovering your pool is quick, easy, and hassle free. Designed for convenient one-person operation, ClearDeck®’s patented design requires minimal effort. The blanket remains hidden below deck until ready to use. To cover your pool, simply unroll the solar blanket with the convenient pull strap. Retract by lifting the lid, inserting the handle, and turning continuously while the ClearDeck® system neatly rolls the blanket and stores it below ground. Your solar blanket can be extended or retracted in less than a minute so you can spend less time working, and more time enjoying your pool! A solar blanket prevents heat loss from your pool, so you won’t have to run your pool heater as often, drastically reducing the cost of heating while maintaining your pool at the perfect temperature. An eco-friendly, user-friendly, ideal option for any pool owner.

Fox Pool branded umbrella - We've got it made in the shade with Fox Pool Umbrellas-- BACK by popular demand! Perfect to place over a Fox Buddy Seat for lounging and shading on hot summer days. Available in blue and white or gray and white.

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Benefits of 365 Safety Cover:

  • Up to 75% savings in heating costs

  • Reduced chemical use, less cleaning

  • Minimal water evaporation

  • Longer lifetime of your pool equipment

  • Helps prevent unwanted access to your pool

  • PowerTouch® Controller secures the pool in 45 seconds

  • Exclusive Gray Invis-a-Rope™ perfectly blends with the coping