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PLEASE NOTE: Fox Pool (US) will be CLOSED July 4 and 5 in observance of the Independence Day Holiday. Fox Pool (CAN) will be closed July 1 (Canada Day) and July 5 (additional day from US). We will resume normal operations across both facilities Monday, July 8. Please contact Customer Service for order information and updates before these dates. We wish you safe and relaxing celebrations (hopefully poolside!)

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NEW Fox Pool Vinyl Liners for 2023!

Fox Pool is excited to announce 4 brand new patterns in a mid-season launch to provide your Customers with EVEN MORE beautiful and unique options to personalize their pools.

In the 27/20 or 27 mil category is Midas Tile and Catalina Tile, both with Sparkling Seas Floor. These bright, glistening patterns provide a nautical appeal to any pool with bold blues, turquoise, aquamarine, and hints of gold shining through. With the sun’s reflection, these patterns are sure to appear lively and welcoming, making any pool not only the centerpiece of the backyard, but a ‘tropical escape’ for the ultimate staycation space.

Keeping in line with 2023 trends, our Carrara Marble and Butterfly Effect patterns within the 27 or 28 mil category aim to please Customers seeking a more organic pattern for their pool aesthetic. The desire for muted features such as gray or tan pool products to give the pool a ‘natural’ appearance that meshes with the landscape surrounding it has become a sought after trend and ‘want’ from homeowners this season. The darker, subtle earth tones within these 3 new patterns not only allow the pool’s overall hue and coloring to blend with this style, but can also give the pool a slightly ‘darker’ appearance, almost like that of a lake or body of water; another up and coming trend for this pool season.

Not sure how to help your Customers choose the best liner for their pool?

Check out our Blog Post for tips and advice on how to help your customers decide on a pattern that fits their style and brings their dream pool vision to life.

In-House Craftsmanship for Undeniable Quality

A unique, meticulous process where handcrafted care meets precision machinery in union to carefully create a perfectly custom liner for any pool. Our Vinyl Liner Shop is every bit as impressive as it sounds, using the latest technology to produce large volumes of vinyl liners every day. Once a liner is chosen and proper pool size and specifications are provided, our Team uses /Automated Cutters to essentially “cut out” liner for pieces of the pool. An Air Welder or Radio Frequency Welding is then used to weld the pieces of vinyl together, creating a bond stronger than the vinyl itself.

Once a liner is in its complete form, quality inspection is performed by our highly-skilled and detail-oriented team. The liner is blown-up to mimic an inflated parachute, and inspection takes place underneath from our team by quite literally, getting on their hands and knees to inspect and for any holes, cuts, tears, or imperfections. Quality and care for the process lend well to seamless installation for a beautiful liner with the perfect fit for your pool, every time.

The many advantages and customization of vinyl liners make them a popular and ideal choice for inground pools. Fox Pool Vinyl Liners are not only for new pools, but can be custom made to fit existing inground pools as well. Contact us for more information or speak with your Fox Pool Dealer.